Peter Gabriel knows what’s up


I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but Peter Gabriel’s music is on Spotify US now. I was pleasantly surprised to find this because he’d been making noise for recently about specifically not using Spotify. And I suppose I understand the arguments, but I disagree with him and David Byrne, as much as that hurts to type. Though I guess Spotify is a topic for another day, or even another blog. Just don’t believe that viral infographic from a few years back. Turns out it’s total crap and you shouldn’t believe everything you read.


I was so happy to see Peter Gabriel’s music on Spotify that I promptly pulled up my favorite album of his – Peter Gabriel 3: Melt. Brilliant album in a lot of ways, with lots of quirks. Definitely well received. The most notable one, at least in audio production circles, is that there are absolutely no cymbals, rides, or high-hats of any type on the album. It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t register as wrong if you don’t know it’s missing, but it leaves you feeling odd.

So the above song in particular really struck me in a new way. It’s part of what I love about music: a song I know in and out gives me a new experience because I’m different now. I knew the lyrics before, but now they mean something new. “And Through The Wire” is now a song about media psychology to me. It’s about communicating through media, and how that alters the impact and processing of the messages. Give the lyrics a read while listening and I think you’ll see what I’m going on about. We do, in fact, get so strange across the border of media.

Am I reading into it a bit? Sure.

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