Eno: Music is political


Recently, an interview with Brian Eno appeared in Pitchfork  about Ambient music, what it means, and where it might be going. As much as I generally find Pitchfork to be annoying with their condescending attitude, this is a great interview done by Philip Sherburne. I debated what I wanted to highlight from the interview, but one quote from Eno seems to be resonating with me the most right now:

You can’t really make apolitical art. We started out talking about ways of composing; ways of composing are political statements. If your concept of how something comes into being goes from God, to composer, conductor, leader of the orchestra, section principals, section sub-principals, rank and file, that’s a picture of society, isn’t it? It’s a belief that things work according to that hierarchy. That’s still how traditional armies work; the church still works like that. Nothing else does, really. We’ve largely abandoned that as an idea of how human affairs work. We have more sophisticated ways of looking at things. [Emphasis mine. – JDS]

Do be sure to read the full interview, linked above.